Monday, October 12, 2015

Getting My Demo Ready for Art in the Making

This Saturday I will be joining many of my fellow Rockford Art Guild members in a celebration of 60 years of the existence of the guild.

Saturday, October 17, 2015 
1-8 PM Conveyor & Ascension Art Studios
317 & 323 W. Jefferson St., Rockford

About 14 members will be demonstrating their art during the 7 hour even. People will be encouraged to watch, ask questions, visit the kids table and shop art in the studio next door.

I'll be demonstrating my alcohol inks with a large, for me, painting 11" x 16" of sunflowers. These sunflowers were from the vendor who was next to my booth at the Rockton River Market last summer.  I've been painting them ever since and can't seem to get enough sunflowers.

I've masked out the flowers and have begun applying the first coat of alcohol inks. I'm hoping to paint just a bit more before the event, leaving a quarter of the surface free to paint Saturday. Then  people can see me remove the masking fluid and apply the final coat of paint and ink it up. I don't expect to finish this during the 3 hour demo but I'm hoping that I will show enough to give the general idea. I'm also excited to be working bigger and am considering making that one of my goals for 2016. To go big.

So if your in Rockford this Saturday
stop by and see us. 

We're a fun group of people with a variety of talents. 
I'll be demoing from 1 to 4 PM.

Come for demos, inspiration, nibbles and cash bar by Kryptonite.
And it's free! (except for the bar)

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