Friday, November 13, 2015

Last Years Alcohol Ink Ornaments

Here's a post from last years ornaments.
Just another way to do the inks. 

I love the versatility of alcohol inks. 
 This Christmas I put them to the test by making some ornaments with them.

Having bought basic ornaments from Michael's I started with masking fluid which I applied with my ink pen in various shapes and forms.


After the masking fluid dried, almost immediately, I was ready to add the alcohol inks. You might notice that I reuse my the ink in my palettes - just add rubbing alcohol and they're ready to go. (I hate wasting paint.)

After removing all the masking fluid with my eraser, I was ready to spray on the clear Acrylic Spray Finish. I did this outside at arms length and found some of the paint smearing together. Probably better to spray at a distance (as  the directions state). After allowing these to dry 15 or more minutes I went back in with a fine permanent marker to outline some of the detail which had been lost in the spraying. As long as the finish was totally dry there was no smearing.

After adding some silver ribbon they were ready to go. I took them to the Holiday Art Show and found them to be a big hit.  I still have a few left which I will use as hostess gifts and possibly a give away on this blog. What do you think? Would like to see them as a giveaway?

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  1. I would love to see them as a giveaway, can't wait to try this.