Monday, May 30, 2016

First Art Fair of the Season

Well I made it through my busy week which included a plein air session, delivering works to the Art Life Gallery in Lombard, the last of my 4 part alcohol ink class and the first art show of the season in St. Charles.

Despite some very threatening clouds, some heavy down pours during set up (My hair was so wild that it scared a 6 month old - my too. ) and a gloomy weather forecast; things went well and the weather was pretty good, not too hot - just right. It was the first time I used my new booth. I was pleased, it takes up less room in transport and was cooler than my last booth.

My favorite thing about doing these shows is the people I meet.

I decided to paint the pavilion in St. Charles so I would have something local people could talk about. On Saturday I met a couple who told me about their friend that worked on the project and on Sunday I was thrilled when a man walked into my booth and introduced himself as the architect for the rebuild. He was born and raised in St Charles and I got the impression this was a labor of love for him. It was fascinating.

I learn a lot from other artists who wonder in and want to talk about different techniques, (The big tip was Golden interference colors -who knew? More later if it works.) or share tips they've learned from doing shows over the years.

Friends and family members drop by to say hello...

 I get to see some people I haven't seen for years. (In fact it happened three times this weekend.)
How wonderful is that?
We were well taken care of by friends who live in the area... great food, lots of wine, many laughs and terrific friends. Thanks Lauri and Ken. 

And we got to see this cutie! 
(My hair was better by Saturday night.)
Thanks also to Sam and Mark for whom I could not have done this weekend without.


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