Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Joy of Christmas, The Gift of Returning Back to Work

So Christmas is over and Beth and Adrian have gone back to Ohio. The house is quiet although we still have two at home. I'm craving painting the way I crave warm sunny days or chocolate. But first, I feel I need to touch basis with social media which I have ignored for several days. I had to make a choice work or family? I choose the family of course with no regrets but will make a note to self; "Self plan out December's Social Media end of October beginning of  November." (Shopping before Thanksgiving would be cool too. But who gets their kid's wish lists that early?)
With three of my five sisters; Karen, Lynn, Me and Kim


I made a lot of crafts this year and did a lot of baking. None of which made it to my web page.

Next Year.....
 I know I need to spend some time looking back on 2014 and evaluate how I did on the goals I set but I can't help but be excited about the upcoming year. 

I'll start the year with works on display at Emerson House, then it's on to the Nicholson Conservatory show. The Art guild is planning a moving show of sixty local artist and there will be a show at the Rockford Art Museum (my first museum). In April my works will be on display at Katie's Cup along with the Spring Art Scene. And that doesn't include any of the Art shows I'll schedule for the year.

 It all starts New Year's day with the first day of the January 30 in 30. I also got an early Christmas gift when I won a marketing consultation with Leslie Saeta! My web master and I have a lot to do making the changes we've been planning for the new year let alone the new recommendations we'll get from Leslie. And on top of all that I have several new prints available and am hoping for at least three more in Febrary. 

It sounds like a lot but I absolutely love it and I feel so blessed to wake up each morning and do exactly what I love.

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