Monday, December 8, 2014

Touching Bases

Hello everyone and Happy December!
 What a great time of the year so full with everything. It can be a lot of fun and also so overwhelming. I'm getting a bit behind in the mix here. My blog included. So I decided to just leave a bit of a note to say I'm still going.

Saturday's show at Midwest Stone Source and Design was so much fun! It included great live music, food and wine all for the great cause of the Rockford Rescue mission. I started carrying a lot of smaller items which did very well. (Although the economy does seem to be recovering some I think everyone's still very careful.) I won a wonderful bathroom sink basin that we'll install in the Union House, a 158 year old house that my husband is rehabbing.

I did a lot of crafts for the event which I will start writing up and posting to the blog.

I'm still painting at Katie's Cup every first and third Wednesdays of the month.
I have found that I love this. That's so incredible, me, someone who had a hard time just showing my work about four years ago. But I love being out around people in a peaceful atmosphere.  I find it keeps me more on track...can't play games on my i Pad while others are watching.

I'm starting to get ready for the Nicholson Conservatory show in February. I have three watercolors that I will be working on for that show. It's so busy but I know I have at least these times scheduled. Actually, I'm dying to just sit down quietly and paint. I'm hoping to get to it this afternoon.

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