Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Last post I spoke about a schedule.
Well that's been kinda shot but I am managing to get done the things I need to so far.
 I still have my schedule but have been busy with house guest and Easter dinners.

I dropped off 10 pieces to 317 Studio & Gallery this morning for the Spring Art Scene. I'm so looking forward to it. It was kinda cool to drop off my pieces knowing  that's it - I don't have to prepare anything else for Art Scene.

I Dreamt of You
Alcohol Ink & Pen
12" x 24"

I have been working out my piece for Unforgettable on April 23rd. I thought this would be a nice painting. And it would be IF I could do it in 6 hours. It's more of a 6 day painting. So, I have simplified  my design. 

August Afternoon
Alcohol Ink & Pen
11" x 14"

I found these wonderful canvasses that come framed at Michael's. I thought they'd be great for Unforgettable. This is a possibility. Although I did not sit down and complete this in 6 hours, it certainly is something I could do. I feel like the yellow flower is too large for this composition so again I will tweak the design a bit.

I am continuing to work with my client on the perfect design for her abstract commission piece.

Yellow Orchids
Alcohol Inks
11" x 17"
My orchid painting is completed, framed and hung.

See you at Art Scene April 15th and 16th!
 I'll be at 317 Studio & Gallery.

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