Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Lonely Life of an Artist?

When I first left my job three years ago, April 1st, my husband and I were both concerned about how I would deal with the loss of socialization that would occur due to the many hours that I would be locked away in my studio painting.  I think this is often the stereo type attributed to artists. I'm a social animal and I need my peeps. What I have found is that art can be an extremely social field.

It is true, that there are hours where I am alone in my studio with just the cat and dog to keep me company. I crave to have big chunks of time to paint alone now. When I am lonely I simply turn on a pod cast or call a friend to chat awhile while I paint. See, that's the big surprise in all of this... I love painting with other people.  I still love to put on the head phones and isolate from the world but the surprise is painting in public, hosting classes or meeting people at shows.

I love all the new people that have entered 
my life, all in the name of art.

I spent all day yesterday doing taxes and cleaning palettes. Okay bad example! No seriously, I'm getting ready for my plate painting class at 317 Studio & Gallery on Thursday. I'm finding that I can't keep up with the cleaning of palettes because of the many classes that I have been doing.

My last class was at Wesley Willows at the end of March. What a delightful group of women I met. They actually get together every Wednesday to paint and I'm looking forward to joining them soon for an afternoon of friendship.



This weekend is Spring Art Scene in Rockford!

With the temperatures expected to hit the seventies after several days of April snow storms this will be one incredible city wide party. Art scene always is a great place for the community to take to the streets and visit the 25+ places that are displaying art, food and wine. I will be a 317 Studio & Gallery this time. I've been told it hosts one of the best parties with live music, food, wine and of course, art. I can't wait! Art scene is a great way to connect with friends and there is always some kind of surprise or bonus meeting. One year I met a childhood friend that used to live 3 houses away. Can you believe it - she moved to Rockford.
 Here is the FB page.


Let me pour you a glass of wine on Friday night between 7 - 9pm and introduce you to many of the fine artists I have come to know. 

One of my new friends is Lisa Loudin of Soul Spa. We're joining forces on a few new projects coming your way next month and in July. I'll tell you more about that on Thursday. Or maybe I'll just hurry up and write my post today. I'm so excited about it I can't wait to tell you!

With all these art parties is there any 
time for family? Always.
I just spent a whole week in Columbus enjoying the company of my five beautiful sisters.  
Top: Lynn, Jill, Terri, Kim. Bottom: Diane, Karen

On Monday of that week, my daughter, Beth and her fiance returned from a weekend in San Diego. Matt and I got to spend a few days with them. We presented Beth with a "bride to be" kit to help her plan her wedding.

Beth and Matt

So I guess I'm socializing enough... awwww. What's enough? Give me a call... we'll paint together sometime.

Next week it's on to Unforgettable... another great art event that takes place in Rockford.

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