Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Word of Art 3D Pictures

Last Friday was Word of Art 3D.

 Word of Art is a collaboration of Authors and Artists. In its third year, artists of dimension were also invited to participate.  WoA3D was part of the Burpee Museum of Natural History 75th Anniversary celebration.
It was wonderful meeting the author of my piece, Hummingbird and Cottonwood, Paul Holler. He was thrilled that some choose his words. I thought they were beautiful.

Hummingbird and Cottonwood

Where there is a hummingbird
all places are one place

Where there is a cottonwood
all breezes are one breeze 

And when breeze crosses place
and the hummingbird

closes her wings
around the measureless

and, opening,casts
it to the sky

her wings fade to 
nothing at all

and everything

                 - Paul Holler

Jan July stands with her author for Zod.

John Naretta has a drink before the evening begins at our table full of friends.

After the authors read there pieces the artist got up to explain there thoughts and how it translated to their art.
Both the Wemmer's had pieces there.

Pamula Parkenson won the art award for her stunning piece, Crystal Droplets.


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