Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rusty and Charlie Share Their Opinions About Their Paintings

Terri's happy with the painting but are Rusty and Charlie?        
Charlie: "Do you think it makes me look fat?"
Rusty: "Of course not! You look like you spend your days chasing cars and barking at squirrels. You're  perfectly fit . I on the other hand, didn't know I spend so much time with my mouth open. What is that? What do you think of dogs who constantly walk around with their tongues sticking out? "
Charlie: "You're a lab, it's in our breeding . We're supposed to be loving, loyal, dropping fur constantly and a little slimy. It gives the humans the impression that they are more intelligent than we are. They need that reassurance everyday as they leave the house for that boring place they go to where they sit all day and never bark."
Rusty: "I guess so. How long do you think we have to sit here and act as if we're interested?"
Charlie: "Long enough to hear that click of the camera. I'm pretty sure there will be a treat in it for us when it's all over."
Rusty: "I sure hope so. Its pretty hard to get excited about something we can't chase after, bark at or eat."

Thanks for the picture Terri. It looks great!

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