Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cooper's Top Tem Reasons NOT to do an Art Show

This weekend is the Festival of Arts in Bartlett. 

I'm looking forward to it and am packing as we speak but about a half an hour ago I was 
approached by my studio manager, Cooper, with the top 10 reasons NOT to do art shows.

Cooper, my studio manager

Please understand that the opinions expressed by my studio manager are not necessarily
 shared by myself. I feel compelled to share his list as I promised I would 
so others may be aware of these dangers.

The Top10 Reasons NOT to do Art Shows:
according to Cooper
  1. You never know who you might meet at these things. You may be exposed to new ideas and art. It may change your art and your thoughts forever.
  2. No one really likes to meet the artist of the work they own. People prefer the mystery of not knowing anything about an artist.
  3. It's too much work packing, traveling, setting up, sitting there talking to people and tearing down.
  4. You should not show any of your artwork until it is absolutely perfect... and let's face it, you have not reached perfection yet.
  5. It's too expensive; jury fees, booth fees, traveling expenses, meals, hotel fees. These monies could be used for more appropriate items such as doggie treats.
  6. If you're not selling out at these shows, what's the point? You'll just have to pack it all up again and bring it home.
  7. You may have to answer a lot of questions about your work. Why this subject, technique, etc.?
  8.  You may hear some negative remarks about your work, "the prices are too high, they can do the same work themselves." You may hear some positive comments and then become too confident.
  9. You will miss me too much. I will not be there to encourage you. You may get depressed.
  10. There probably will be other dogs there. They may will try to persuade you to take them home. No siblings please!

The opinions expressed are of that 
of my studio manager, Cooper.

 Jill Rae Finally Art does not necessarily
 agree with these opinions. 

Note to Cooper, 

Thank you Cooper for your concern. I will see you Sunday knowing that I am leaving you in loving hands of Mark and Matt. Samantha and I will try not to enjoy ourselves too much. And no matter how many pups I pet, I am well aware there is no one like you. You are the best.

    Jill Rae

For more information about the Festival of Arts in Bartlett and 
other shows I am participating in see my events page here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Garden Tour - The Beginning of a Painting

Good Morning Everyone. 

Well the garden is finally in and with all the rain we've had everything is growing like crazy.
 Here are my next watercolors just waiting to be found and painted.


To see some of my past watercolors Giclee prints from 
the Garden Series  please visit my website here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Challenged by Plein Air

So, the plein air workshop last Saturday...
              lots of fun but, oh do I have a lot to learn.

I'm so glad that I got the chance to take this workshop with RL Weber. I got my supplies together and and I went with a few expectations about my work and my abilities and got a good dose of humble pie.

Never mind that I don't work in oils a lot, or do landscapes, or even produce a painting in a day - let alone two hours. I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off. (There were chickens at the barn across the street.)

I did freak a little.  There was one point where I was thinking,"How do you mix brown?" Now I know how to mix brown, but I let myself get so wound up that I wasn't thinking so straight. I was definitely out of my comfort zone. I think that's a great thing! Sometimes you learn the most when you are most challenged.

So I will be practicing this summer. My goal is to try plein air competition one of these years.

RL Weber was a great teacher. He gave me some great pointers, all of which I plan to use in the future. Indian Hills Manor
and the surrounding barns were beautiful and made such a wonderful setting for this workshop.

I'll be back for more. But first, I think I'll practice a bit on my own.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Getting Ready for Plein Air, Fun With Art Supplies

Saturday is a Plein Air workshop with R.L. Webber that I'm so looking forward to. 

While packing for the event I decided it would be fun to share some of my favorite supplies, new and old.

I was excited to find this covered container for my linseed oil at Michaels ($4.99). I'm still using the old one I got 34 years ago in my studio but it's not covered.

I got this free with an order from Dick Blick Art. It's a great tool by John Pike, a gridded screen with two magnetic strips so you can align the magnets with angles and lines to better help help you understand where thing are crossing on the grid. I always can use some help with perspective. The blue tint makes values easier to see.


I love my Anderson container for turpentine. The top cup is for cleaning brushes. The holes allow the particles of paint to fall to the bottom and settle so the paint sludge never comes in contact with your brushes. It all seals nicely for traveling.

I bought a paint palette by Artelier that seals and locks in four places. I can't wait to see how this works. I've had many palettes but they never seem to seal very well. Paint is supposed to peal off but I thought I could cut some palette papers in half and use clips to hold them in place. This was $35 at the online stores and Michaels but with a 50% off one item coupon it's not bad.

My friend, Corkey gave me this hat to use while we walked our dogs on the bike path. She passed away unexpectedly last October so it will be great to have this along for the memories and the sun. I like the straps that hold the hat securely to your head in the wind.
I ordered a wet canvass carrier from RayMar that I just got today. Guess what, it's for panels not canvasses. I'm very disappointed because this is a really cool carrier with straps and everything.

So I decided to get two pizza boxes and strap them together with duct tape. They will work fine and I'll be able to carry my 12 x 12's too it I want. I'm planning on using tacks to keep the canvasses from hitting the sides although there is some nice hardware you can purchase for this purpose. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

So I think I'm almost ready, just pack my easel, chair and I pad. I'll write about how it went next week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

20 Color Comments

Need a refresher on colors? 
Here's 20 important facts taken from the 
Artist Helping Artist Pod Cast about using colors.
  1. Use color temperature for spacial illusions; warm colors come forward, cool colors go back.
  2.  When mixing colors, add dark to light.
  3. When mixing colors, add opaque to transparent .
  4. When choosing pigments stick to single pigments. They give a much cleaner look. Check the back of the label to see pigments.
  5. In a painting you want to orchestrate color harmony so you the same colors over and over and mix them together for variations.
  6. Complementary colors look more vivid when they're together than apart. green & red, yellow & blue.
  7. Using a limited pallet creates color unity and harmony.
  8. Use complimentary colors or earth tones to tone down a color. Tone down reds and greens with burnt umber. Tone down red with a little bit of green.
  9. To indicate that something is in light use a light color with a warm color. Make sure the color is warm. If using white add a bit of yellow to it.
  10. Are your colors muddy? Adding a complimentary color to a primary will make a grey color. Adding a little green to red makes a nice grey. If you mix two colors and they get muddy don't add white, just add more of one of the original colors. Adding purple to yellow makes a nice shadow color.
  11. keep your colors organized. Lay out your palette in the same way each time so you get used to it.
  12. Premix the color that are for the biggest parts of your painting. Use colors you know.
  13. Step back from your painting to see the final colors. Be sure to squint or take a picture of the painting to check the colors.
  14. Value is more important than color. Value creates a focal point adds depth for distance. Whenever you have a light value against a dark - that's where the eye will go. By taking a photograph and turning it to black and white you will better see the values.
  15.  Know the differences in lighting. On over cast days the light is cool and the shadows are warm. On sunny days the light is warm and the shadow are cool. The colors are more distinct and have more contrast in the sun.
  16.  Understand the whites; zinc, titanium and lead. they remove a colors brightness and vibrancy because white is the sum of all colors. Titanium is the strongest of the whites.
  17. Colors provoke moods; cool colors calm. blues actually lowers heart rate, makes one eat less, and is considered "dependable". Warm colors evoke happiness. Red orange increases heart rate and hunger levels.
  18. Five major rules of color. Use color to:                
  • to harmonize, contrast them
  • use colors in a theme to create unity
  • set forth a visual path
  • to use rhythm through out the painting
  •  to create interest       
    19. Don't use black - it will make things flat. make your own by
     mixing a warm color and a cool color. Try these; ultra marine and
    burnt umber, Prussian blue and burnt sienna, ultramarine
    blue and alizarin crimson (I'll add just a touch of green to the last
    one.), purple and transparent orange, Viridian green and blue.
  20. When changing value look for the opportunity to use another  


Thursday, June 4, 2015


Blue Saliva, work in progress
I'm craving to paint today.
Not for money, or for commission, or to have a new painting to sell, but to paint. To feel the brush in my hand, to mix colors and to apply pigment to paper.
And as I paint, I feel like I'm at home. I want to paint forever - or the rest of the night at least.

As I paint my thoughts are fluttering around as I go from leaf to leaf with no real pattern or method. Just like a butterfly , I go from perch to perch; "this color caught my eye, -it must be darker here." I am here for me - me alone.

I don't want to stop. I am in the moment - I am high. My music sounds better, the lawn mower outside my window sounds delicious - summer is coming. Lawns will need mowing, my flowers will grow. New paintings in the making.

I paint paying attention to the details. Today is about details, about joy, about me. I am doing exactly what I want to do at this very moment.

Still, I feel restless. Paint faster? Get up? I can't get up.
I am fixated by a hue of green in part shadow by a flower.
Don't stop - fixate- become obsessed. Paint in joy and love. 
Love it, love this moment.
                                 Jill Rae Martin-Golden

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's show Time

And so it starts... I woke up at 4AM thinking, "What pictures will I bring to 317 on the 3rd?" Then my mind went racing... tonight the Tom Hefflin critique at the guild, finish the Lilly watercolor today for it, finish the dogs, do maybe three more Drive Bys for 317, do four small 8 x 8's for the gallery Up North etc. etc. etc. Did I really agree yesterday to co-chair a new show in October?

The warmer months always brings more activity. And I'm thrilled! I love meeting people and the variety of people I've met at shows is incredible. I always walk away from any event with an interesting story to tell about who I've met.

Here's a list of my events for the next few months.

     June 27-28, Bartlett Festival of the Arts
                  10AM-5PM both days,
                   Outdoors in Bartlett Park, Bartlett Illinois  
      July 3rd, First Friday at 317 Studio and Gallery- Artist at Work
                  with pieces on display in the gallery,
                  317 Market Street, Rockford Illinois

      July 15, 29 August 5, 12, 19, 26, September 9 Rockton River Market
                 4 -8 PM, Old Settlers Park, Rockton Illinois,
                 Artist at work

      August 22-23, Glen Ellyn Festival of the Arts
                 10AM - 5PM. Maryknoll Park,
                  845 Pershing Ave., Glen Ellyn, Illinois

      September 6-7, Art Fair on the Square 2015- Lake Forest
                   10AM - 5PM, Market Square  &
                    Western Avenue, Lake Forest, Illinois

      September 19-20, Rockford Art Museum Greenwich Village Art Fair
                     10AM - 6PM Sat. 10AM to 5PM Sun,
                       Rockford Art Museum at
                       Riverfront Museum Park

       October 2-3, Fall Art Scene, City Hall Rockford
                       Fri 5 - 9PM, Sat 4 - 9PM

   For more information and links visit my web page Here.

 Hope to see you there!