Monday, April 10, 2017

A Day in Sinsinawa

Just a quick update on the Sinsinawa Opening...

Both Jean and I had a wonderful time at the Sinsinawa Mound Center opening reception yesterday.  We said a few words about our works and the paths we've taken. This was in the chapel, where the nuns do their daily devotions. It's a very warm, comfortable and simply elegant room.

I loved the Baptismal Fountain which was created from the limestone found on the site. In some areas the water continually pours down the sides and in others it slowly drips. Such a stunning piece.

I enjoyed having the chance to speak to many of the nuns. Their keen intellect and charming personalities are an inspiration to all of us. Jean and I even sold a few things which is always a welcomed perk.

The show is open through June 4th if you are in the Galena area. It's a worth while stop.


  1. Yes I am in Galena and I will surely come to attend your event and see the place. It really looks nice through the pictures you have posted.

  2. This is such a nice and peaceful place. It gives you a spiritual peace feeling whenever i visit there. I wish i could also be there to hear your speech.