Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Watercolor, Ink & Inspiration, Sinsinawa Mound Center, April 5 -June 4

What do you get when you put two artists
 in a car and drive them out to Gelena, Illinois?

"Look at those cows by the pond!" "Look how the light hits that barn!"  "What great clouds! See how the sun is peaking through them?"

Jean Apgar and I had a wonderful trip yesterday out to Sinsinawa Mound Center to hang our show,  
Watercolor, Ink and Inspiration. Sinsinawa is about 10 miles north of Gelena. The drive was wonderful as the sun struggled to peak through the clouds heavy with rain. We were trying to hold a conversation as we continually broke into bursts of excitement over the view of the rolling hills.

Jean, having hung well over 100 shows, told me that hanging the 41 pieces would be easy and wouldn't require more than 2 hours. She was right.

I was thrilled to watch her process for hanging. It was quite simple really. First we laid out all the pieces and put away all the packing material. Then we started looking for the relationships between the paintings. Jean continually spoke about making sure we keep the viewer eyes moving through the collection. When we got an order we thought was pleasing Jean started measuring the area and spacing the paintings out. The actual hanging of the works was pretty fast. We started in the middle of the wall and worked our way out. It looks pretty good.

There was a lot of people who walked by and commented on our works. The Center is committed to study, education, spirituality, and the arts. They offer programs and retreats. On the grounds is a retirement residence for Dominican nuns. So there is a lot of activity around the center, especially with Easter around the corner.

Jean and I feel so honored to hang our paintings in such a beautiful surrounding.

Our opening reception is this Sunday from 1 to 3pm. 
Jean and I will speak for a few minutes about our work.

  Michelle gave some samples from the bakery... yum! The cinnamon bread is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone.

Hope to see you there!

For more information about Sinsinawa Mound Center click  here.

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