Sunday, April 30, 2017

An Unforgettable Day

Yesterday was the end of two very busy weeks.
 It ended with Unforgettable Art - An Affair to Benefit the Alzheimer's Association. My neighbor at the event, fellow artist, Beth Wemmer stated that she was looking forward to my blog this morning. Okay, I have to admit it, I was surprised. You read my blog Beth? I felt honored and also a bit of pressure. Better blog today. So this is for everyone who actually reads my blog.... with a warm heart felt thank you. And I say that just because blogging is a strange world.  You write your thoughts and unless you get a comment or two it kinda feels like writing in a diary, like I did as a kid. " He looked over at my side of the room during social studies. I think he likes me. I hope he likes me. Oh gosh, why did I wear that sweater today? It's so old."

So, I think it's only fitting to start this post with Beth. 
This was her first year at Unforgettable and she flew through it like a pro.These are her birds done with oil pastels. It's important for the survival of the event to have newcomers. The new blood pumps in a lot of energy into the rooms. Beth was calm throughout the event and finished with time to spare.Very unlike how I approach the event. I get there as early as possible, work to the last minute and don't allow myself breaks for fear that I'll run out of time. In fact, I went to lunch too late and there wasn't anything left. Beth was the one who brought me some pizza in the late afternoon after I felt I couldn't afford the time to leave my table. Thanks Beth.

There are several artist who have been with Unforgettable since their beginning, 14 years ago. One such person is the Rockford Art Guild's own Treasurer, Chuck Gregory. They are the rock stars of the night and keep us all going.

When I taught a workshop in Addison earlier this year I was privileged to meet Tania Blanco, an incredible abstract artist. I wasn't aware that that so many artists come from far way and pay for hotel rooms and meals etc. just to be a part of this day. It's thrilling to meet these new artists and watch their pieces progress as the day becomes night.

Everyone wants to do their part in the fight against Alzheimer's but there's something very special about Unforgettable Art. I think there's one main factor that draws us all to it, the feeling of camaraderie. We're all in this together, trying to create something in 8 hours which will be good enough that others are willing to dig deep in their pockets and pay for. It doesn't always work out the way you may want it to but you know people are there who have your back - or your pizza.

   I haven't said a thing about the volunteers. Honestly, I know very little about what they have to go through to put on such an affair. I assume they're already planning for next year. They're like the older siblings in a large family - working endlessly and allowing the artists to take the spotlight, never requiring much attention themselves. Thank you to them all.

And let's not forget those people with the pockets. Let's not forget those who drive a long way, pay $60 all for a beer and a chance to say hello. The night would be nothing with out them. There are people who I only get to see at this event that I look forward to seeing each year.

My biggest supporters.

(Lauri, we're wearing the same necklace.Yours is a lot shinier than mine.)

This was one of my favorite students from RAS.

I didn't say much about my piece of the night. That's because I guess I'm so over it. I completed it - it sold for a decent amount and I'm already planning for next year. I feel so inspired by everyone else's work from the night that my head is whirling with ideas. What, I'm doing it again? Next year, I want something completely different. Someone remind me, I said no flowers in 2018! I've got a whole year to figure it out. Better get nervous now.... well maybe not.

So Beth. I hope this is what you hoping for. I just want you to know that you're obligated to comment now - just saying.

But sincerely, thanks to everyone who reads my blog. You make my day. I may not see comments but I see the numbers. I just don't know who you are always, but thanks just the same. Feel free to comment anytime - or not.


  1. Love you and all your work thanks for sharing every bodies stunning art here

  2. Thanks Laura. you are wonderful in every way.

  3. Thanks Jill. I do enjoy reading your blog. It's entertaining and inspiring and I love that you are putting your thoughts and paintings out into the universe so that we all can benefit from seeing both your written words and your beautiful works.

    1. Thanks Beth. It's wonderful to know someones there.

  4. Sounds like an amazing event. Love the paintings, and your flowers are gorgeous. Congrats to you all. 8 hours!? WOW!