Friday, May 9, 2014

Pajama Gardening and Painting.

Such a strange thing to want - a rainy day. But, here I am glad it's raining today. Today I paint and pack.

With the weather finally getting warmer I've been planting in the garden each day. I discovered pajama gardening a few years ago. I get up do a few chores, eat breakfast then go outside and garden in my pajamas. (I have a six foot privacy fence in the back yard.) There are two benefits to gardening in your PJ's besides the obvious that's it's comfortable. It's a way to get outside before the heat of the day and it saves time as you just need to shower once in the day. Of course, I just go in the back yard - although I do see a lot of people out shopping in their PJ's. I love gardening and I won't be able to stop until the yard is set. It will take awhile as it's a slow process to get rid of all that grass that loves to grow in the flower beds. I consider it a part of my art because most of my garden series flowers came out of my own backyard. In fact, Margo's poppies is the only painting not from my back yard.

The afternoons have been for painting. Also, a slow process for me. I think I'm finally done with the Iris paining. Last Tuesday night, our art guild had artist Tom Heflin in to critique our paintings. I was excited to have his feedback. I was also very nervous. It's been about twenty years since I sat through a critique. I had to give to give myself one of those talks after the voice in my head said, "what if he hates it?" I had to tell myself it doesn't matter what other people think because I paint for myself and am not willing to ever do it part time again. I guess that voice will always be there and that's okay - normal probably. anyway, Tom suggested that I continue to darken the background and the leaves. I have been and I think I'm done.

Tomorrow my daughter graduates from ISU with a degree in graphic design. I am very excited and proud. No painting tomorrow.

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