Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, Spring Again

Day 9

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

It's always this time of year, when the school buses are running, and the apple patch is open, that I have to remind myself that Fall is my favorite season. I suppose the problem is that winter is soon to follow. But being a painter, I'm enjoying winter much more than I ever did before. It's the time when schedules slow down and I can spend more time in my studio painting. Next summer I will be doing less shows. It's bitter sweat for me, less shows more classes.

If I could turn back time, I'd do the summer all over again. It was wonderful. I'd start with Spring and ease back into summer.

Today's pick is from the crab apple tree in the backyard. Every Spring there is one week where it is full of it's wonderful blossoms. I feel so lucky just to be able to witness it each year. But then, that's in the Spring...

Spring Again
Alcohol Ink and Pen on Yupo Paper
8" x 10"


  1. Oh this is so gorgeous! We are going to face our first winter in Prescott valley, and first snow in almost 30 years. Going to be interesting for sure.

  2. First snow in 30 years? Well, I hope you get a lot of it. And I mean that nicely. Snow can be a wonderful, beautiful thing. Grab your paints, a good book some hot coco and enjoy.