Monday, November 10, 2014

2015 A Year in Flowers Calendar

The Art of Jill Martin-Golden

Earth laughs in flowers 
                       - Ralph Waldo Emerson

 2015 Calendars
 Wall Calenders, sized 11 x 17 (8.5x 11 closed) 
                             are available for $16.95 plus $4.50 S/H 

 Desk Calendars, sized 8.25 x 3.75 for $9.95 
                             are available for $9.95plus $3.00 S/H 

Order soon, quantities are limited.

To order go to:

Or hit the Web Page button on the right of this blog. Go to "Buy Art" on the menu in the drop down and you will see "Calendar". Hit it and you're there!

I Am Carried Away

In the hallows of my mind you exist. A precious flower I ponder your loveliness.
A breath of fresh air. softly touching my lips
Blowing over me cooling

A lovely blossom full of promises
Whispering sweet words until I melt into you.

Finding solace in your presence
I am carried away.
                                                                                     Heather Burns                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 The Wall Calendar                        

The Desk Calendar

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