Saturday, November 8, 2014

Terri's Stunning, Vintage Bulb Centerpiece Tree


My sister Terri has made such a striking holiday centerpiece  that I had to feature it as the first craft of the season.

    She stared with collecting as many vintage bulbs as she could, finding them on Ebay, garage sales and resale shops. You will notice at the back of the photo there are a few small silver tinted bulbs that she bought from the store to fill in between the vintage bulbs. You will find that this is not a cheap project. The cost of the vintage bulbs can add up. If cost is an issue, try this will modern bulbs in sizes and colors which please you.


      Terri found her tree form at Michael's. This one is a wire form with a paper cone over it which stands alone. It's about $10 from Ashland Home Decoration. I couldn't find this at my Michael's store so I plan on using a styrofoam cone. Using her gluegun, Terri first covered the form with sliver garland so you can't see the paper. Then, she simply glued the bulbs on.

        She bought a silver topper which she chose not to glue on for storage purposes. In the picture to the right, the tree is almost done. She finished it off with a few more bulbs around the top. It's truly a beautiful piece.  I think this would be wonderful in a wreath shape too. 


  A few years ago I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a wreath that Terri made using bulbs from Target. I love it!  It's one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Thanks Terri for sharing, you are very talented.
Love You!

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