Monday, April 20, 2015

An Unforgettable Day

A good cause and a great day at the
Unforgettable Art - an Affair for Alzheimer's event.

This year's UA was held at U of I Medical Center, such a beautiful location. I had the best seat in the place where I could almost see everything... and what incredible work did I see! I couldn't believe the talent and so wanted to run around and talk to everyone but didn't.
My work typically takes several days so I was anxious to get going.

Cristi Kniess
Beverly Broyles

 My piece started out slow as I first drew it out with masking fluid.

I bathed the canvas in color and so started it's ugly phase.  I learned something when Cristi came over and said,"Let's get some chocolate". Now Cristi is probably 100 pounds if that and I'm pretty sure rarely eats sugar. But she wanted sugar. I always knew almost every artist's work will have an ugly phase- I just didn't know it was at about the same time in everyone's works.

Interestingly enough even Jim, who's work I had been admiring all day was going through a period of frustration. I certainly didn't see it in his work. Anyway, everyone managed to push through it, whatever challenges they may have had and the night went on.

The band started playing, the people started coming and the wine and h'orderves were served. We all finished our
 pieces. I had about 15 minutes to spare.

Matt and Mark

R L Webber


Ron Clevenger

The evening ended with the auctioning 
off of everyone's works. 

Very exciting.
And all for a wonderful cause.

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