Thursday, April 2, 2015

Katie's Cup, an Alcohol Ink

My newest piece is also my largest alcohol ink yet,
 a 14 X 20 of Katie's Cup. 

Katie's is the coffee shop that I paint at twice a month. Turns out, that sitting at a table, painting away with my headphones on while the world goes on around me is something I really love to do. There is always someone who stops by and talks for awhile. Funny, you find out that you have much in common with the stranger sitting next to you.

My works will be hanging there for the month of April. I am hoping to get this finished and framed by Saturday so it can go over the fireplace. I'm cutting it close but there's an awful lot going on this month so I'm cutting myself some slack.

This will be the fourth in my Drive By series of Rockford, although this is the only interior I have planned.

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