Thursday, October 16, 2014

Showing Up and Smelling the Coffee at Katie's Cup

Sometimes just showing up is good enough.  I have been having so much fun painting at Katie's Cup  in downtown Rockford. The whole thing started as a Rockford Art Guild activity but so far no one from the guild has joined me. (I think Wednesdays are a bad day for many who are either teaching classes or taking them at our local Woman's Space.) The original idea was to get together and share some ideas and fellowship. But I have found that I love it! Every week people stop me and ask me about my work. There's always something going on. Today was a kick off for Credit Union Week. The local TV channel was there to get the story.

Andy Gannon of 23 News approached me and wanted to know what I was doing with the crazy plastic table cloth I had spread over the table for protection. By the time my painting session was all over I was given a $10 Katie's Cup gift card, promised a donation of art for breast cancer research and talked to several people. Not bad.

Harry's Flowers
Alcohol Inks and Pen
8 x 12

I even got some work done in the process. I had forgotten that I did have some painting started for days 30 and 12 of the 30 in 30. I finished the alcohol ink part the night before and penned it at Katie's. Harry is my next door neighbor, Nancy's husband. He went through a very serious surgery in August. His work sent him a beautiful bouquet of flowers which got dropped off at my house. I couldn't help myself but photograph it. (More future paintings.) Does anyone know the name of these flowers?

I started adding watercolor to this drawing from Madeline Island. All in all I would say it was a very productive day - just by showing up.

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