Tuesday, May 12, 2015

12 Ways to Sell Your Art This Summer.

With the warm weather comes some great
 opportunities to sell your art work.

I like to try some different ideas to engage people
 in my art. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Offer you own wine and painting party in your studio or backyard.

2. Have an open studio. For me it would be an open garden highlighting many of my Garden Series Watercolors. Invite some art friends to show their works also. (Have them advertise to their friends.) Be sure to offer demos and fun giveaways to make it a festive occasion.

3. Look for unique ways to showcase your work. For instance, my husband is having an open house in the house he's been rehabbing. I will put several of my paintings on the walls and in places where they can be seen.

4. Have a "Friends and Family Sale" of the pieces you want to move. Offer 50% off to these special people who may love your work but may not be able to pay full price.

5. Offer a Christmas in July sale. Offer big savings on custom work done now.

6. This is a good time to hit the pavement and find new shops to display your art. Try gift shops, design stores, furniture stores, doctors offices, coffee shops, banks etc.
7. Contact Interior designers with postcards of your work.

8. If your town has vacant stores, contact the owner and see if you can put some paintings in the window.

9. Target certain markets, I paint flowers. Contact garden centers, florists.

10. Host summer workshops. Sell your demo.

11. Donate a piece to a charity auction.

12. Paint Plein Air in a populated public place and talk about your work to people who pass by.

Anywhere you go, don't miss the opportunity to engage people with art this summer.

And have a good time...

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