Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting Ready for Art Shows - A Check Off List

The shows have been applied to and have accepted you ... 
now what?

Here is a checklist/timeline for getting ready for shows:

When you find out: Paste show to events page on your web page. Add to all calendars. Pay
                                                any booth fees.
Three Months before the show:Go through inventory - order scans of new
                                                  work, prints and cards etc.
The Month Before: Start advertising show on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
                                                You can start just talking about painting pictures for it and getting ready.

                Process printing orders, bag, tag and add certificates to all prints, box and price all card sets.
                Go through current original works  Frame, wire, tag and add certificates to all originals,
                                                        bag, tag and add certificates to all originals not being framed.

                 Read through the show notes and web page to make sure you have show specifics and
                                                       understand all rues and expectations. 
The Week Before: Go through current inventory; pack framed works, bagged works- original
                               and prints - and all other  merchandise cards, calendars etc.

                Start Packing the list below.

                Go to bank and get cash and change.

                Read through the show notes and web page to make sure you have show specifics and
                               understand all rues and expectations. AGAIN. You don't want any surprises.

The Night Before: Review packing list and do any last minute tasks.

                 Charge cell phone, I Pad, etc .

Pack for the show:
Level and hooks 
Artist Sign or Banner
Print holders
Wire holders for prints, signage and cards
Chair or two
Tarps for securring at night
Poncho and unbrella
Glass cleaner and paper towels
Extra labels and Blank labels
Art Materials for Demo
Tool Box: Scissors, Hammer, Screw driver, pliers,
Table and Table Cloth
Tapes; painters, mailing and scotch
Square for credit and cash PHONE fully charged with extra batteries
Receipts, calculator and pens
Promotional Items; business cards, postcards, hand outs,
                               sign up for mailing list, artist statement and bio, card holders
Plastic Bags for sales and wrapping supplies - bubble wrap, saran wrap
Framed works, bagged works, cards and other merchandise
Parking Permits or other materials sent to you by the show.
Water, food, cooler
Book to read

Have a Happy Art Fair!

Did I miss anything? Please leave a comment.

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