Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Riverside Arts Walk, a fun Weekend

Last weekend was the RAW show. The Riverside Arts Walk.

Rain threatened us most of the weekend but all in all the weather was pretty good. Not too hot, a good breeze and rain mostly at night.

It was fun to go back to the area I grew up in. My parent's lived in LaGrange for 50 years. Riverside is about 10 minutes away. The RAW show was very close to Brookfield Zoo where I spent a lot of my youth and much of my early motherhood days with my own children. In fact, my husband and I had our first apartment together close by in Berwyn.  While driving by  Loyola hospital I shouted, " That's were you and Beth were born."to my daughter. A lot of fond memories were made there.

As we were close to the old neighborhood, we were visited by Aunt Roz and her family, along with my best friend and her family, and my sister and brother-in-law. It always makes the show so much more special with the support and love of family.

Meredith Wenzel with her hand blown glass.

Being in a two day show is somewhat like going away to camp for the weekend. You meet a lot of really interesting people, not only those attending the show but the other art exhibitors as well.  This show wasn't a huge success financially but we certainly had a great time talking to those around us.

Sandra Ragan was game to trying alcohol inks.


 Sunday seemed to be a much better day and I have to attribute that to painting. People love to see others creating their artwork. It's something I have to remember to do more often. This time was a bit challenging without a table and the wind which blew away my photograph away several times and dropped little worms and other debris from the overhead tree. But we made do and it was great fun showing people what alcohol inks can do.

Probably the best part was sharing the time with my daughter, Samantha Rae, who was such an incredible help and stayed with me the entire weekend. Doing a show like this takes a huge amount of effort and I couldn't have done it without her help or that of my husband, Mark who sets up my heavy booth and takes it down with never a complaint.  Thanks guys, and Matt too, for all your support.

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