Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fall Art Scene 2015

If it's October it's Fall Art Scene.

Twice a year the city of Rockford throws a big party in the name of art- hosted by the Rockford Arts Council. It's pretty wonderful. For two nights there's art at 36 sights throughout the city. Everyone's art is welcome, from the professional artist to the closet artists who just show their works once in awhile. (You know who you are. We love your work.) There is live music, free food and wine. It's like trick or treating for adults - and kids too- but this time you're going for eye candy. Lots of people come and the streets are filled with excitement as people scurry from venue to venue. It's quite the social event.

I am art City Hall with 
20 or so fellow artist. 
 Samantha, my daughter, is always there helping set up, sell and just have a good time. You'll catch her crocheting most of the time (although she is quite an accomplished artist herself). Sandy Conness shows up with her FREE sweet treats and delightful mouthfuls. This time she has brought apple-pear crisps, pumpkin squares, pineapple upside down cakes and brownies. This she does to advertise her company Sandy's Sweet Treats and to entice people to my table so I can talk them into signing up for my newsletter. This Art Scene is very special because my niece Heather Moon and her daughter Freyja are participating as well. Heather paints guitars. Just beautiful. And Freyja is there with her beautiful drawings as well. She is young, and it will be thrilling to watch this wild talent grow over the years.

So if you're in Rockford tonight make sure you come down for this wonderful event. You're sure to enjoy yourself.

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