Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Last Show of the Season

The basement of the Starline is very interesting  and has a lot of character.
Last Friday was the 4th Friday at the Starline Gallery in Harvard. It was my last show of the season.

I've learned a lot from this season of shows. First, that not all shows are the same. Some shows are better - they just are. Some shows spend a lot more time advertising to insure that buyers will show up at their event. They go out of their way to make sure their artists are taken care of and any questions are answered. Some shows seem to be more concerned with collecting a booth fee from artists as a fund raiser and don't seem to do much more. It sounds a little harsh but that's how it appears to me.

I also learned, that just because a show charges a hefty booth fee doesn't make it a good show.

My favorite show was Greenwich Village, right in my own backyard.
The quality of the art was high, the show was well established and well attended by buyers. And those organizing the event genuinely cared about making the event a positive experience for both artists and attendees.
             Honestly, Sam and I always found something to like at each and every  show.

I also loved Glen Ellyn Festival of the Arts for their incredible hospitality.
They had tractors and people available for loading and unloading booths and supplies. Each morning the show opened with a bagpiper walking through the isles. This is where the Art Life Gallery found me and I am thrilled to have work with them.

Probably the best quality of artists were seen at Art Fair on the Square
in Lake Forest.

 Although that was a difficult show because set up was done on the same day as the opening so our day started at 3AM. Sitting out in 93degrees for two days was trying - although I was in the shade. Those who attended the event had a much harder time at it.

Pamela Parkinson

Art in the Making was probably the most Fun show. Art, friends, wine... need I say more?

Having said all that, what a great time Samantha and I had staying at the homes of family and friends for these events. Living at someone's home for two nights just allows more time to visit. What a blast, thanks to all.

But now it's time to settle down a bit and get back into my studio. 

I can't wait! My alcohol Ink classes have really done well and they're filling quickly. Wow! Who'd a guessed? I'm hoping to develop more classes with the inks and eventually make my way into watercolors and batiks. I also want to work on launching my first workshop in Northern Wisconsin next summer (by Eagle River) and I have a lot of planning to do for that. Paint by day, dine,wine and laugh by night!

Did I mention Batiks? Well, yes. I've been trying to do batiks for two years now. I just found out that you use bee's wax.... Oh. So I'll be getting out my rice paper and painting away.

I also want to work BIG! Big alcohol inks, 
Big abstracts just BIG, BIG, BIG! 

So I have a lot to do. My work hangs in Katie's Cup in January and I want all new pieces. The next 30 in 30 challenge is in January.(It's always good to have a bit of a head start for that one.)  February will bring the Nicholas Conservatory Show. I want pieces from their conservatory - I already have many but more is always better. And what is the status of the Drive By series? Better get to it.

The fun never ends!

How lucky am I, to do what I love everyday?

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