Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 14, January 30 in 30

Day 14, January 14th

30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

After about 10 months, I have returned to my Drive-By Series for this painting. The series depicts some of the wonderful architecture found in Rockford, Illinois. Once a booming town of manufacturing, Rockford grew some pretty majestic buildings. For a long time it was the second largest city in Illinois, next to Chicago. Things changed in the 80's when so many manufacturing jobs went over seas and most of the plants in Rockford closed.

Rockford has plenty of problems, gangs, crime etc. But it remains a pretty incredible city full of theater, music and art. Can Rockford recover? It's yet to be seen, but I see it as the big, little city 15 minutes down the road. Where else can I see cornfields than 13 story building within 8 minutes of each other?

Today's painting of the old Midway Theater and Railway Station (which has been turned into the Rockford Arts Council building) is a work in progress.  Next week, I will be in a show with the Rockford Arts Council,
 Art in the Lofts at Garrison Lofts 419 john Street, Loft 111, Rockford.

Midway Theater& Rockford Arts Council Buildings
Alcohol Inks
Work in Progress

Check back tomorrow, I'll show you my progress and give you a bit of background info 
on these two incredible buildings.

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