Thursday, March 17, 2016

Growing Pains

Things have started picking up a bit for me.

There are more commissions, classes and opportunities to show my work. Great ha? Yikes... it has meant that I need to pick up the pace a bit. Add that to the loss of my assistant and I'm having a hard time with the internet  and marketing.

Yellow Orchids at Nicholas
Alcohol Ink
11 x 17

I've been playing with my schedule - waiting until the afternoon before I answer emails and post works. It makes great sense on paper but in reality it's not working so well.  In the evening I'm rushing downstairs to make dinner and feed the dogs by 7PM. Oh well, I'll keep plugging at this. The big push is to create 4 or 5 new works by March 29th for Spring Art Scene. Art scene is April 15 &16th. It's usually not such a push for so many new pieces but this Spring I will be showing with 317 Studio & Gallery and they will be keeping my works until October. Yeah for having pieces in a gallery for that long! Yikes for the beginning of show season and having to give up 10 original pieces.

This piece is taking far too long to be a design for Unforgettable, but it will be great for Art Scene.

Work In Progress
Alcohol Ink on Canvas

So, I'm just plugging away.
Working on new pieces, playing with a commission and designing my piece for Unforgettable Art, An Affair to Benefit Alzheimer's (April 23rd).

Still playing with the design for this mixed media commission.

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