Monday, September 18, 2017

September 18, 30 in 30

Day # 18, 30 paintings in 30 days
hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Felling so very blessed for all my friends and family.

Okay... now I'm tired. I had such a great time at Greenwich Village Art Fair this weekend. I feel so blessed to be so supported by loving family and friends. How lucky am I do be doing what I love surrounded by such wonderful loving and creative people. I can't thank everyone enough for this weekend. I was thinking last night, even if I never make any money at this fair I will still have to go every year just to keep in touch with the community. I was humbled by the people who knew me through Facebook and the newsletter etc. Thank you. I may not see you everyday but I know that you are there and it fuels my soul. Thank you for the many purchases so that I may pay some bills, buy some supplies and keep doing it everyday. Thank you for the hours setting up, taking down dropping off... Thank you for the pizza, the drinks, the company. I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone. (Therese and Greg I'm sorry I didn't get to spend time with you. Thanks you for stopping in.) Thank you for those who are far away and still support me by liking my posts and leaving my encouraging comments. I felt your presence.

Two things stick out....
      1.      Boy, are there a lot of extremely talented people out there. I always feel so in awe of the other artists and am inspired to go home do more and push harder.
      2.      There are young kids out there who come to Greenwich with their allowance in hand. They are looking at the art. I am impressed every time a young person buys a matted card for $6 or a small canvas for $15. These people are the future of art. They may see the cute stuffed cat around the corner but they are truly drawn to the brushstrokes, colors and textures.

Okay I lied three things...

I am also impressed by the young emerging artists I meet. They are in high school trying to figure out their future path. They ask me what they can do now to help their career. I tell them to share it on the internet. We all want to know what they are doing. Sometimes I can't refrain from saying," Damn, girl you're far more talented than I am." They are... they are out there, and they are good.

The future of art is safe in the hands of the youth. And it warms my soul.

So here's today's offering. A plate I finished painting for the fair. 

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  1. Terrific post, so happy for you the many blessings. Heartwarming to hear about the kids ;) LOve this piece :)