Thursday, September 7, 2017

September 7,30 in 30

Day 7, 30 paintings in 30 days
 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Today's piece comes from a project with the Rockford Art Guild. I have been a member of the guild for about 4 years. I joined shortly after I left my job to start painting daily. I thought I would need the socialization.

What I found was so much more. Our group of 50 members is an eclectic group of people of various mediums and ages. Not only did I meet some incredible people who I consider very good friends, but I learned a lot. That's the value of a guild, the sharing of experiences, the opportunities to try new things surrounded by people who are willing to guide you. Now that I have a bit of experience I hope that I can help others achieve their dreams.

The puzzle project, is a group project with hope as it's theme. There were about 30 pieces which were painted or drawn on by various guild members. There was some variety too; two people carved wood, one attached glass beads and one attached mosaic pieces. The pieces will be put together and given to the local cancer center.

I painted sunflowers on my piece. Big surprise? But I feel they are very cheerful and hopeful. and you know I love them.

5" x 7"
Alcohol Ink on Heavy Foam Core Board
Not for Sale


  1. Awesome idea, and this is gorgeous :) I think the love you put into it will be equaled by the joy others receive from seeing it :)