Saturday, March 1, 2014

Doggone Sick of Winter- Pastel Challenge 2014-03-01 12:16

Who isn’t DOGGONE sick and tired of winter? But no worries, Spring will officially be here in only 19 days. Until it feels like Spring, I will do one pastel drawing of someone’s beloved pooch each week!  I will stop when Roscoe, Illinois' temperature hits 65 degrees.

So go find your favorite picture of your best canine friend and send it to me via email at and I will randomly pick one each week to draw. Please make sure the photo is close up and clear. I will post all drawings on facebook, twitter and my blog page along with as many dog photos as I can. When the temperature hits 65 I will stop drawing, at which time I will put all the names of the people whose pet I drew in a hat and have my wonderful husband draw a name. That person will receive their drawing in the mail as a thank you for participating. The rest of the drawings will be sold on my Etsy page, Jill Rae Finally Art. You are under no obligation to purchase the drawing if I choose to draw your dog.  (I'll be more than happy to email a copy of the drawing if you can't pull it off of facebook.)

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