Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nila Mani May is This Afternoon's DOG on MY BLOG 2014-03-27 11:55

With the temperature predicted to hit 61 on Saturday I felt a "Two Fur" was due for today. (Or at least two dogs)

Nila's owner, Kim tells the story of how she came up with the names Nila Mani May;

"And just a little background on her name.  I purchased her from a breeder in Virginia, Jewel's Shar Pei and I wanted to give her just the right name so I held a contest at work and with family for who could find the best name.  She is a blue Shar Pei and I knew I wanted to fit the color and the breeders name Jewel somehow into her name.  She was born in April but I purchased her in May.  I offered a $25 Best Buy gift card to the winner and got lots of great names.  When I saw her name I knew it in an instant.  There were actually 2 winners, a coworker and Katie.  The coworker came up with the name Nila Mani (knee-la man-ie) which is sanskrit for 'blue jewel' (although it is actually blue gem).  Then Katie added May at the end completing the name I registered her under, Nila Mani May.  Both the coworker and Katie got a gift card and I got many many years of happiness."

Someone asked me to post the progress of these drawings so I thought Nila would provide a good example.
I started the drawing using both bright dark blue and a pink tones to block out the darks and lights.

Then I added a grey-blue tone to quiet down that blue a bit and read more as a grey.  I added just a bit of black and noticed that Nila was getting lost in my background so I added a touch of green. 

At this point I got out my pencils and added some highlights and blacks.

To finish things up I blended a bit more to loose the rough pencil texture. I still wanted to leave some... A  few highlight, a signture and it's done.

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