Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Help! My Studio Has Gone to The Dogs! 2014-03-18 10:49

It's been great receiving such a variety of photos. I've been enjoying the black dogs. It's been fun adding color under the black chalk to give texture and light differences to their coats. Sonic started purple whereas Roman has a lot of blue in his dark tones. Different things have interested me in the backgrounds too. I loved the deep greens in the grass that Franklin was sitting on. Roman is in a room with rust colored walls. ( I have some walls the same color in my house.)The rust color compliments his dark fur really well. He's interesting because he seems to be feeling the same thing as many of us as he looks out the window, ' Oh when will it ever warm up outside enough for me to run around in the sun?"  Keep on hoping Franklin, it's bound to warm up some day.

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