Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Purrrfect Day

Some days are just too purrrfect! Then you start noticing the fur all around. Don't do it. Don't get caught up in fur balls, just enjoy the sunshine.

Meet Tucker, Our Grandcat.

Tucker loves my studio. Every time I open the door he runs in the room. Many times he hides and I end up locking him in. Here's the point, I'm starting to see little bits of fur stuck to the oil painting and small paw prints of pastel dust on my Yupo drawings. Still, he is really the best, more personal cat I've ever known. Cooper, my Sheltie and studio manager, adores him. They chase after each other all day long. Very much like our past pets Oliver the Sheltie and KatKat the Tuxedo kitty. We'll keep him. But do I charge extra for the fur on the painting claiming it's added texture or discount it?


  1. One of my cats loves "to help" me painting.
    Both cats like to play with the threads, yarns, pencils... it is a cat's life.
    They are great company!

    1. They certainly are!
      My Sheltie often walks around with paint on his tail. He's got, what I like to call a Dr Zeus tail, it's big,bushy and always rubbing against something. I think our pets keep us from getting lonely in our studios.... and humble when they mess a piece up. It's like they're saying,"Aw come on you can do better."