Monday, February 2, 2015

Beginning a Series of Alchol Inks

I'm starting a series of Alcohol Inks for 
various shows that are coming up. 
 I love the bright, vivid colors they offer but even more I like that I don't always have control over what happens. These paints sometimes have a mind of their own, and sometimes they throw you an issue you just have to deal with. Sometimes it makes the painting better, sometimes it doesn't.

This week, I'll be working on a photo from Venice and also a Rockford chapel. The Venice picture is pretty complicated. By being very selective about where I put the masking fluid I hope I will have more definition left after applying the first layer of paint.

Yesterday, I ordered more art supplies, including more Yupo paper in 11" x14" and in a very large size, for me, 23" x 35". Some new colors are coming also; Tangerine, Calabaza Orange and Chile Pepper. (Don't their names sound great - sort of like Crayola names.) Alcohol inks are fairly simple to mix but a lot of these colors were "Italian palettes" as I'm pretty excited. I also think they'll be helpful for portraits which I haven't given up on.

Well on to all the other things I put off while doing the 30 in 30. I'm still painting each day, just not as much until I get some of these errands out of the way.

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