Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some Thoughts About Orchids

A wonderful time at the Nicholas Conservatory Art Guild show.

Along with the beautiful art work were the orchids.
For your pleasure....

Pretty Orchids
Delicate butterfly orchids
stand paper thin and tall
Perfect pout pink lip-gloss kisses
with proud protruding power jewel center
Ephemeral Angels
sign of life and hope
renewed strength and passion
Powerfully poised petals
gently nod affectionate ‘I love you’s’
long since they were given as gift
bringing forth renewed romantic setting
an idealistic reminder every day
© anaisanais A-M Docherty. All rights reserved, 5 years ago



when two people
understand each other
in their innermost hearts
their words are sweet
like the fragrance
of orchids

Joseph Pullman Porter
Wild Orchids

Under the pines, near the murmuring brook,
I know the wild orchids grow,
Fair and pure in their shady nook,
A page in God's own wonderful book
With a message for me to know.

Come in the Spring to that beautiful bower
And pause by the moss and the fern
To study. And know from the little flower
God's promise of hope is ready to shower
On those who will trust and learn.

Over the land, with colors so bright,
Leaves whirl in the chill, fitful breeze.
The gurgling brook, ice-coated and white;
Ferns, mosses and orchids have vanished from sight,
Dead and lost in the Winter's first freeze.

In weakening faith and hopeless despair,
Black winters of woe hold my soul.
For death is the end; and each mortal must share
The fate of the orchids that once blossomed there.
Oblivion marketh the goal.

Hold thy hope, faithless soul, for again in the Spring
Neath the pines, the wild orchids will bloom.
Struggle upward toward God, thy Creator and King.
The Saviour is risen and Nature doth sing,
Christ overcomes death and the tomb!


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    until March 1st.

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