Monday, February 9, 2015

Note to Self; Break the Rules. Alcohol Inks on Canvas

One of the reasons why I joined the local art guild was so I'd find myself in the company of like minded people and possibly learn a few things. 

Well I have, I've learned a lot in fact. But when I was a Katie's Cup last Wednesday talking to a member who painted with watercolors on canvas and said it was just like painting on Yupo paper I had to try alcohol inks on canvas. I knew one of our other member does it all the time but she's very creative and fearless. Me? I was raised to follow the rules. I was pleased with the results and plan on doing some more.

I drew my picture right on the canvas with pencil then used a masking fluid to outline it. This is when I got my first surprise. I apply masking fluid with an old pen point so I'll have more control. On Yupo paper the result is often thicker lines than thin. But the canvas seemed to accept the fluid quickly without needing much pressure. I was pleased with some of the thin lines I was able to make and think that can be used in the future.

The inks went on easily and retained their intense colors. They did not mix or run as much as they do on the slippery surface of the Yupo paper. This could be good or bad. The colors mixed well with each other and were easy enough to pick up with a tissue when needed.

The masking fluid was removed easily using circular motions with my fingertips. I did feel as if I was getting the whites a little dirty with rubbing the canvas, but not too much.

Usually at this point I go back into the painting and apply another layer of inks to tweak and refine it a bit after the inks have run together and made somewhat of a mess. It wasn't really necessary and I went on to my pen work. In places I did go back with some more color.

Sometimes with the Yupo paper I have a bit of a problem getting my pen to work. I don't know if it's that the canvas has a bit of tooth or not but I didn't have any problems on this surface.

For the most part, I'm happy with the results. I miss the blending of the inks and the patterns which they make that can be achieved on Yupo. But it's got my attention as I begin my next series, "Drive By". Maybe I should try one of those on a larger canvas?

What is your experience with alcohol inks? Please leave a comment. 

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