Sunday, March 8, 2015

15 Reasons to Paint

15 Reasons Why You Should Paint Today.
    1. Painting engages your mind.
    2. It relieves stress - unless you're a perfectionist.                          
    3. If you're a perfectionist it gives you a chance to loosen up.
    4. People will wonder what your doing.
    5. It's like meditating, when you paint you stay in the moment.              
    6. Painting fulfills that need to create something that can possibly even outlive you.
    7. Painting is a fine way to get some alone time. Unless you're painting with a friend. In that case, it's a good group activity.
    8. Painting allows you to travel for cheap as you paint a loved one, a favorite place or one you created.
    9. It's a good excuse to make a mess. (If you want one.)
    10. Painting goes well with wine.
    11. It's a great way to fill that empty space on your wall with original art.
    12. It feels good!
    13. It's a great way to avoid doing your taxes!
    14. Great way to express yourself without words. Art is an universal language.
    15. It's a great way to spend time with your dog.

    Okay, I started this wanting to come up with just ten but couldn't stop myself. What are your reasons to paint today? Leave me a comment.

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