Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Business of Art or is it the Art of Businses?

I've been busy with the business of art.

I'm having been in the studio for three days and I'm dying to get back there today but the truth is there a lot more to an art business than painting. I want to make some negative comment about this fact but the the variety of  chores keeps me challenged and engaged in other ways and I'm grateful (I guess). Besides the daily marketing done on social media there is much more to keeping JR Finally Art up and going.

Cho and I at Picture Salon in Madison, Wisconsin

Friday I was notified that two of my pieces were chosen for a show at our local museum. (Yeah!) These along with pieces to be hung at Katie's Cup and Rockford's Art Scene all need to be framed. That means a trip to Hobby Lobby for mats and Michaels for frames. In the event that they may be sold, a trip to Madison for scanning is in order. Each piece will need a description. Why I painted it. What I was thinking at the time I painted it.

7 new prints will be available soon.


It's almost April 15th. Then of course, there's taxes. I use Quick Books for my record keeping. I like math but accounting in not something that comes natural for me. Although it should all be pretty straight forward at tax time... well, for me, it's not.

Katie's Cup
These are the months to sign up for the summer art shows. As invitations and rejections come in it's time to scurry and find shows for the weeks that are still available, make reservations and plan the summer schedule.

But my heart is in the studio today working on the Katie's Cup alcohol ink  - for Saturday. I have it drawn out, that's it, so I need to move on it.

An idea for Unforgettable Art

I'm also working on tester paintings for Unforgettable Art on the 18th of April.

So there's lots to do today! 
Where does your business lead you?
What do you do on the days you're not in your studio?

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