Monday, March 2, 2015

The Final Ink Drawing

As many of you know, my friend William Ball won the ink drawing give away. He presented me with a photograph of his that is one of my favorites, a circular photo he created using a program which rotates the picture on a axis.  I originally thought, "Oh great, how am I going to change this enough to recognize where it came from while making it my own at the same time?" 

Dreams of Flight

Here's my process. 

 This is Bill's photo.
 It's a pretty wonderful picture.

Using Yupo paper and pencil, I started drawing out the pattern. But I decided that would take a long time and leave to many pencil marks so I just used masking fluid to draw the image.

When the masking fluid was done, I painted over with alcohol inks.

I like the picture without the masking fluid and considered stopping here. But in the end, I decided that this was a pen and ink drawing so I added the pen. I used a thick lined pen and then a much finer one for more detail. At first, I didn't like the thick pen but then it took on more of a stained glass effect.

Anyway, it certainly seems like a direction to look into for the future.
 Thanks Bill for the inspiration.

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