Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day 1, For the Love of Painting

Jan 1, Happy New Years, 30 in 30, hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Day 1: 3.5 hours, monthly total 3.5.

And Now For Something Totally Different... Or at least it is from my previous 30 in 30's. This time I'm going for hours painted in the month of January, not by the number of paintings I produce. My goal is to paint 100 hours this month.  I have loved producing 30 - 8" x 10" each January and September but I feel I currently need bigger, more substantial pieces. The piece I worked on today is something I've been carrying on with for months...  or maybe I should say ignoring for months. In fact, I was afraid I had lost this painting. It felt good to work on it today. My plan is to get it done in time for the Nicholas Show in February.

I have a lot of large paintings that are not getting done along with a few new ones I need to start.  I'm also hoping to get to some "bad" art this month. Which is just my way of freeing myself up to explore without the pressure to produce something to sell. There are two commissions that I seem to be putting off for some reason which will make an appearance this month.

The goal this month isn't to feel pressure to produce
 but to work for the love of painting.

Work In Progress

This a floral design from the Rockford Art Museum's
 "In Bloom" show.

I fell in love with this piece and sought out the designer to get permission to paint it. She was thrilled. I, on the other hand, can not find her card with her name on it. I seemed very discombobulated today in that I had a hard time finding many things, photo, earphones, camera etc. (I will find her name before the month is over.)

I paint very slowly, as you can see from the above piece. It took me three and a half hours. This is a large alcohol ink. One of the largest I've done.

This is the piece with the painting which inspired it behind it. I'm attracted to the colors, the textures and the pieces complexity. it reminds me of a grand finale at a fireworks show.


  1. What an awesome goal! Love your approach to the month :) Love the colors in this as well. Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks sheila, So great to be doing a 30 in 30 with you again.