Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2, One of my favorite Things

Jan 2, 30 in 30 hosted by Leslie Saeta.

Day 2: 2 hours,  Monthly Total: 5.5 hours

One of My Favorite Things.
About two years ago I started painting at a local coffee shop in Rockford. Actually, I have to give Leslie Saeta credit for this one. I was listening to her weekly podcast show, AHA, Artists helping Artists and she suggested painting in public. I decided that I would do this in connection with my local art guild as a social program.  So every first and third Monday I'm down at Katie's Cup sipping tea and painting.
My thank you to Katie's. It now has a home by the fireplace.

Open studio at Katie's Cup was started as a service but I quickly found the benefits. It took awhile for it to catch on. Sometimes I sat there and painted alone. But, I instantly loved it. There was always someone who would approach me and ask me about my work. Not only was I learning to paint in front of people but I was learning how to talk about my art. Slowly, I started having people show up with whatever they were working on and join me. This is one way that I began getting to know my fellow art people better. This is were some wonderful friendships were built. 

I've learned that art is not only about creating work and hoping someone likes it well enough that they buy it allowing  you to paint another day. There's many components to art. One is of sharing.... sharing your time, your opinion, your friendship, your skills.

Open studio is so important to me that I plan to 
keep it going after I open my own studio in Rockton.

Today, I had plans. I needed a few friends to try out  a design for a class I'm doing at 317 Studio & Gallery  on January 26th. Sign up here 

 Winter Visitor
Alcohol Ink and Pen
6 x 6

When we got to Katie's it was closed.( Honestly, Dee and I asked two weeks ago to see if they'd be open.) We went to Mary's Market instead. Who know it was BOGO day on breakfast entries. (Thanks for the yummy quiche Laura.) We had a great time talking, laughing and painting.

I got just what I needed, some tips for my class and a great morning with friends. Isn't art wonderful?