Friday, January 13, 2017

Day 13, a Lesson in Scheduling

January 13, 30 in30 hosted by Leslie Saeta

Day 13: 3 hours, Monthly Total: 36 hours.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone. When I was a little girl I asked my Father if Friday the 13th was a good day or a bad day. My Dad's reply was, "Well, I was born on Friday the 13th so I'd say it was a pretty lucky day for me." So I have always like Friday the 13th. I hope yours was equally as lucky.

We are almost to the half way point of this 30 in 30 challenge and I have been learning a lot.  A lot about my schedule. I can say that with classes, marketing and whatever, I have not been painting 100 hours a month. I assume not even 70. This is a problem for a number of reasons, most importantly because you only get better by painting. But how do you fit it all in: 2 hours a day marketing, classes, meetings, laundry, bookkeeping, bill paying, exercise time, shopping, cleaning etc? 

One of the mistakes I have made in the past was to 
create a schedule that was inflexible.
3 hours painting starting at 9am. I tend to an all or nothing type of a person. This can be a problem. What happening if something comes up and you need to change your plan? Your schedule is tossed out faster than a New Year's resolution. I am playing with a schedule which just states how many hours a week I want to paint, for marketing, for emails, for personal chores. Over the weekends I usually make out my to do list along with meals and grocery list. Now, I'm trying to schedule my days one week at a time. If a friend comes to spend the day, that's just fine I switch my days around. I'll let you know how it goes in the in a few weeks.

The point is that this 30 in 30 shouldn't be such a challenge. 
It should be business as usual.

I've been enjoying this painting. Here is an additional 8 hours. Gosh, can you even tell? I've struggled with the blue flowers on the right side of the painting. This painting seems very similar to putting together a puzzle. Work on the spots I know then come back to the more difficult pieces. I've found painting the surround area of the difficult part helpful as it will define the outline, the value, of the pieces you're having a hard time with.

Work in Progress
Alcohol Ink