Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 9, An Update of Flowers and Studios

Day 9, 30 Paintings in 30 Days hosted by Leslie Saeta.

January 9: 2.5 hours
             8:  3 hours
             7: 2.5 hours, Monthly Total:23.75 hours

I know it looks like I'm falling behind because I'm not posting every day, but I'm still here. This weekend I spent some more time with my RAM flowers in alcohol inks. There's a part that really has me stumped. I'm probably over thinking it too much. It's been very helpful to jump around the painting, working on different flowers depending on how comfortable I feel with them at a given time.

I got the opportunity to pull out the watercolors, my first love. Well no, oils were my first love, but I do love watercolors. Anyway, I have a commission involving flowers in watercolors. My client has asked me not to post my work on Facebook and I will respect her wish. But, I did get permission to post some preliminary sketches that I have been working on.

I'm enjoying this 30 in 30. No real pressure, let's just get some work done. I want to spend more time in my studio. I'm not feeling pressured with having to produce a finished piece. Nor do I feel the pressure of is this "good " enough to sell? There is pressure to post something each day and I have fallen behind in that a bit. Since I don't have much to post by way of these flowers - and I will have several more days of them - I will spend some time giving you an update on my studio.

Many of you know that Mark and I purchased a building in downtown Rockton last July that we will transform into my studio.  Last Fall there was such a push to finish the 160 year old house that Mark was rehabbing that we haven't had much time to work on this building. As we find ourselves short of the funds, and as the temperatures are low, 29 degrees, our progress is slow. We are planning on starting with a small build out so I can open my studio and begin working there soon. It's a challenge. The building has no heat nor water currently and heating the 4000 square space is out of the question at this time. We are at the planning stage. Such an exciting time.

The 170 year old building is such a gem! It's a mess and disaster, but it has so much potential! It has a basement that housed a cooler. It's kinda a homemade cooler that isn't original to the basement. But it has an incredible door that appears to be from the 1910's. It would be an incredible piece to refinish and use upstairs.


  1. Love the flowers. How exciting, and that door is really great. Best wishes to you :)