Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Alcohol Inks Up North

I'm really enjoying the alcohol inks. I've started to experiment with various pictures including this landscape. The process is so interesting to me; the way the colors mix, the different patterns that are made. I always think, "How is this ever going to work out?"But it does.

This is after the mask out is removed.

A few more colors added in the whites.

Then some ink drawing. I did a lot more drawing than I used for the dog portraits. It felt good to be drawing on the painting.

 I like the bold colors. I don't think I'm there yet but I definitely think these alcohol inks are worth further exploration. Any suggestions on titles? I feel this needs to say something about the gate.

I also have been playing with wine glasses as you know. I dripped some alcohol ink over the glass and it looks good but I'm highly concerned about the toxicity of the inks. I know I could seal the inks but I still would be concerned. Especially since one will be putting this to their lips.

I supposed the glass paints are a lot safer. Any ideas? Let me know, leave a comment.

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