Friday, April 18, 2014

Packing Up for a Plein Air Workshop

What a week! Between getting ready for 13 guests for Easter dinner and wanting to complete three watercolors by May 1st I've kept busy. I don't think I'll make my painting deadline. I still have a long way on two of the watercolors and I haven't even started a third. That's okay, but I'm already fantasizing about doing nothing Monday but painting.

Today I'm going to Richard Weber's Plein Air Workshop. The first two classes will be inside as we learn techniques and composition. I've brought my pastels for the class as traditionally I'm very slow with watercolors and I don't own acrylics. My goal is to paint plein air with oils. I'm hoping to spend a lot of time this summer up North doing just that. I've bought an wonderful light weight easel, a new palette.

My other goal for today is to continue cleaning my office and studio. How did I get this messy? I have piles of Finally Art papers, House restoration files, bills, family history etc. all about my desk which I usually set up as a drink area so my guests can help themselves. I completed a full inventory of my works for Finally Art and feel good about that. Tonight it's back up to the studio where I'm spraying and bagging works. I know by Monday I'll be thrilled to have things well organized but to tell you the truth, I just want my comfy clothes and to spend the day painting.

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