Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gayle Heinemann Covers a Wine Glass With Polymer Clay

We had such a great time at Art Scene Friday and Saturday. So many wonderful artists, great crowd of people, music and lots of fun. My table was next to Gayle Heinemann's.
Gayle makes wonderful jewelry out of polymer clay.

Gayle decorates a wine glass for the Unforgettable Art Annual Affair for Alzheimer's to be held Saturday May 3rd in Rockford. (tickets: or call 815.484.1300)

First she wraps the glass in clay.
She wraps, trims and adds some lighter blue clay.
Short break for dinner. Glass is fully wrapped .
She adds grass.

Flower stems are added.

Almost done, just need some flowers but alas the show is ending...

Stay tuned, Gayle said she'd send pictures of the finished glasses. Great job Gayle! Just four more to go. 

I'll post my painted glasses when they're done.