Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happiness is a New Painting Happiness is a New Painting

I love starting new paintings and I'm beginning to understand how important it is to me.

My studio is a mess. I really need to clean it out but I don't want to take the time away from painting. I have dog pastels all over ready for their final fixative spray, two alcohol inks, oils drying and my Queen Anne's Lace oil on my easel along with stacks of photographs I want to paint or draw. There is the Chives and Russian Sage watercolor hanging upside down on my bulletin board (Is this painting really done?) On my watercolor boards are this Iris painting and - I don't know the names of these - flowers and squiggly grasses. I have found that I really need the variety. My watercolors are slow and very controlled, where my oils are freer and louder. All these things; oils, watercolors, pastels, alcohol inks, ink pens have very different feelings to them. I like working in one medium until I feel I need to stand away from it for awhile and have another project waiting for me. Some might say that is not a good way to establish a style. But it doesn't work for me to stick to one piece or medium. Does that make me an ADHD Artist? Why not? I'll wear the label proudly.

Everyday I can't wait to get to my studio, and I don't want to leave. I just want to paint and do nothing else. Alas, there are dishes and laundry to be done along with meals,shopping, bills, meetings and appointments. I have come to my one year anniversary of leaving my employment for my painting and I can say I love it. I can't get enough and actually feel a bit overwhelmed with all I want to accomplish. I never knew that I'd be learning so much about accounting, marketing and computers. What a joy it is to be an artist waking up and doing what I love everyday!

How do you work on your pieces? Do you stay with one painting from start to finish or do you jump around like me?

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