Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Looking at My Iris Painting in a Different Way

Progress continued today on my iris painting. My goal is to have it completed by May 1st. What interests me most about this picture is the sharp contrast between the straight leaves and the more organic shapes of the iris flowers. I also find the contrast between the lights and darks very intriguing. These are the components which draws me to most of the garden compositions that I choose. I'm trying push my tones just a bit more with this painting. So I started my third round of the irises with a very dark purple. I want to have deep, dark colors to contrast some of the lighter tones.

I didn't complete a full pass of the background on the lower half of the painting. I won't know how much darker I need to go until I complete the second pass.

I wanted to see the painting in different ways: black and white, upside down etc. these settings are not available on my I-pad although I understand that there is an app I can download. Hense began the playing around in photo booth - very interesting....

This is x-ray iris. Not quite black and white, more like a negative of the painting, I find it very useful anyway. It shows me that the right hand side of the painting is lacking a bit in tonal variation. this is the side I haven't completed the second pass on. Although, this is truly the lighter side of the painting. I find this to be a really interesting picture. Maybe I should try a painting in just one color?

This is the mirror image of the painting.

Then there's kaleidoscope iris. Again very interesting.

In what way are you trying to push your painting?

Have you ever tried any of I-pad's photo booth apps on your images?

Send me some and I'll put them on my blog.

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