Friday, February 13, 2015

A Week in the Life....

I'm having a whirlwind week. I'm not sure where it went but I know I worked pretty hard and I enjoyed myself while I did it. It's hard working at home and keeping on track although I have to admit, I did a lot of that in my previous job of 16 years so I'm ahead of the game a bit.

 So what did I actually do this week?
I blogged twice and kept up with my social media. I have great forms to plan out my blog and keep tract of social media but I don't seem to find the time to do it. But I have to admit that I did make some plans for this post.... Art Business. See it there?

I got ready for two shows. Diane's Irises are framed and ready for the Nicholas show on February 20th.  Today my last two panels will be delivered to Cristie for the Mosaic Traveling show- premiering at the Nicholas Conservatory Show.         

     I finally got all caught up with my Quick Books Program. Book keeping doesn't come easy for me. And be honest what kind of system is it that putting money somewhere is a debit and taking it is a credit? Who came up with that? Thanks Don.

  Rockford Art Guild  has a new webmaster - or "Web Goddess" as I like to call it. Scarey thought... I've been working on a few up-dates. Lord help us all! Thanks James of Meow productions for holding my hand. Check it out at .  Keep in mind it's not done yet.     

After running around Rockford and taking all those shots from a sometimes moving car, I had to down load them and several other pictures from my sister's Italian vacation (Some nice paintings in the making) to the Walgreen's site. I only bring this up because it took one and a half hours to down load and choose everything. What's the savings in that? Really one and a half hours of my life?

Earlier in the week I drew out the large Katie's Cup painting, it's 20" x 16" (I think). It will be the largest Alcohol Ink so far. I now have 23" x 35" paper and am just trying to work my way up to it. I masked out the Greenwood Chapel painting and started on it. It's the first in my "Drive By" series. I also am trying to learn to make videos so I did some time lapsed pictures. Interesting... not done yet but I am hoping I have a natural talent for editing when I get to that point. Trust me, I'm going to need editing talent. It's a start.


It's also time to sign up for art shows. After investigating the possibilities I map it out on a calendar. Don't want to miss our nephew Ben's wedding in September - or Matt's graduation party in June. I'm kinda running late on this. The St. Charles show is already past it's deadline... sorry Lauri. Most of the shows have a deadline of March 1st which means I'd better hurry up. Did you notice the price tag on this little endeavor? $2500 Yikes! Had a meeting with my roadie/partner - Mark and made the final decisions.

Here I am trying to be organized but let's be honest - it's hard for a creative so most of the time my desk looks like this......
My organizational tools are making my office a mess! (That, and the tubs of paintings and prints waiting to be adopted by a good person.) Well that's my week. I wouldn't change a thing! Okay, yes I would, the book keeping... I have my husband's business to start this afternoon. Change the Bookkeeping! Please.


  1. This is a really funny post. I am giggling at your attempts at organization because I think you are doing much better than I am! I have these calendars for blogging and social media that I seem to update and forget about and then go back and see what I managed to do without ever consulting it. I find it to be so much work to get organized which seems so silly, but it is true.

    I'm definitely going to refer to myself as the web goddess for my site. It sounds fun and maybe that will make updating my site more fun.

    Love your paintings!

  2. Thanks Lillian,
    With a small one at home your not supposed to be organized. I love how you are always open to those precious moments with your daughter where your day may take a different turn towards a project you two do together. She will always remember those times... even during those years that she thinks you're not as smart as she is.

    The goddess... that comes from the idea that every girl is a princess. What do little princesses grow up to be?

    I have a lot of fun reading about your days and loving your alcohol inks at