Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trying Dr. Ph. Martin's Today

I'm in the studio playing with my new 
Dr. Ph. Martin's today.

I was drawn to Dr. Ph. Martin's because of their vivid colors. I'd like to brighten my watercolors a bit - Could these be the answer. The plan last night was to paint the night away. But I found these paints to be less willing to blend with the colors already on the page, unlike my traditional watercolors. It's a technique I use often and really love about painting. Anyway, I stopped about 1 AM last night. I was feeling a bit frustrated. But I'm not willing to give up yet. The top of my "To Do" list today is paint. I have many things started and am hoping to play a game of musical paints today as I work on many of these pieces.

I will report back with my final thoughts after a bit more experience.


  1. I gave up with them, but know a lot of fine artists use them. I see your fish emerging beautifully so look forward to following along with your next post.

  2. Thanks Julie.

    The verdict is still out on the Doctor Martin's. On one hand the vivid colors are wonderful - and one of my most common criticisms of my watercolors. On the other hand my other watercolors blend so much better on the paper etc. Traditional watercolors seem more.... elegant? I don't know. I'm planning on writing up my thoughts for a blog post soon. Not sure what to say.

    Why did you give up on them?